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COLUMN-Overcoming objections to smart electricity tariffs: Kemp

COLUMN-Overcoming objections to smart electricity tariffs: Kemp
For customers with their own solar panels or wind turbines, who sometimes generate more electricity than they use and sell the excess back to the grid, smart meters will record the time and volume of sales, so they can be credited against the customer …
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Energy Independent by 2030
Wouldn't you rather more of your utility bill went to job creation and less to fossil fuel executive's obscene profits? I sure would. And of course there's the safety and health benefits of a WWS system—protecting drinking water and farmland, and …
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Renewable energy is the way forward
Renewable energy technologies are becoming increasingly attractive as businesses and landowners recognise the potential of renewable energy and the chance to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, reduce costs and provide a positive environmental …
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